The Uplift Model

  • The Uplift Model

  • Each Uplift Education school provides free, college-preparatory education in a community that has limited high quality public education options. Our goal is to completely CLOSE the achievement gap between scholars, regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic background, while ensuring that 100% of our scholars graduate and enroll in college. Uplift’s big goal is for 70% of its graduates to earn a college degree within six years.  Our approach to success focuses on two main areas:

The Whole Scholar

  • We develop well-rounded International Baccalaureate scholars who think critically, are confident in themselves, and appreciate diverse ideas and people.  Our Whole Scholar model is the difference-maker in our scholar success and focuses on the following four areas:

    International Baccalaureate for All

    Strong Scholar Culture

    Connected Families

    Road To College & Career

    Learn more about our Whole Scholar Model.

Our People Network

  • We have strength as a collective network with employees, families and communities, each valued for their contributions to our mission.

    Best People & Culture

    • Ongoing feedback and development
    • Leadership building at all levels
    • Robust talent pipelines
    • Intentional equity in all systems and processes

    Operational Excellence

    • Clean and safe campuses
    • Academic leaders focus 100% on quality instruction
    • Centralized and consistent academic and systems support
    • Financial sustainability and accountability

    Meaningful Connections

    • Partnerships that support the whole scholar
    • Relentless advocacy to help bridge the funding gap
    • Collective impact through ISD partnerships

    Continual Innovation

    • Flexibility to move the needle in the best interest of scholars
    • Internal expertise to leverage, learn and share
    • Commitment to fearlessly re-imagine the future and evolve