The Uplift Model

  • Student Achievement - At The Heart Of Everything We Do

    Uplift Education has a research-based, proven approach to education across our schools.  Below are the core components of how we deliver on student achievement:


    • A culture that promotes positive, high expectations for our students and staff: Everyone is focused on learning and doing “whatever it takes” for our students to be successful
    • Mission-focused on “Shine through Life”: We view college as one step on our student’s journey to be productive, responsible leaders in the community
    • Empowered school leaders: Our leaders have the freedom to build their school’s culture, hire and remove their staff and manage their operating budget while being held accountable for their school’s results
    • Efficient centralized services that allow school leaders to focus on what really matters: Uplift’s central office manages HR, finance, facilities planning, fundraising, technology and PR on behalf of our schools at a cost that is meaningfully less than that often found within traditional school districts
    • Serve grades K-12: We believe in the importance of vertical alignment and that discussions about college need to start in kindergarten
    • International Baccalaureate curriculum: We have a rigorous college preparatory curriculum including IB and Advanced Placement classes
    • More time on task: We have extended school days and a multi-week Summer Leadership program
    • Data matters: We set goals at the student, teacher and leadership levels at the beginning of the year and actively monitor progress using regular assessments
    • Freedom to innovate: We encourage our teachers and school leaders to constantly identify and incorporate best practices into their classrooms and schools
    • Appointed board structure: The Uplift board is appointed and focuses on network-wide direction and policy while each campus has a local advisory council of community leaders to ensure more granular focus on student achievement
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