Trebert, Lauren
    Lauren Trebert
    Secondary English Teacher
    Email: ltrebert@uplifteducation.org
    Phone: 972-757-5705
    Office Hours: 7:45-4:15pm
    Tutoring Hours: Advisory Period, or by appointment 
    Primary Room Number: 307
    Grades: 12th IB English 4 - Language and literature
    Undergraduate Degree:
    University of Dallas, BA in English & Drama
      This is my thirteenth year at North Hills teaching AP & DP level English. 
      I am the Head of the North Hills English department 6th - 12th, coach of the Dance Team, and Uplift IB English District Mentor Teacher.  I am an obsessive reader with a deep passion and love of books and my students.  I am also a mother of two.  I love my busy, fulfilling life.    


    Trebert’s Schedule


    A Day Schedule

     1A - Teacher's Lounge 2A - Room 307 3A - Teacher's Lounge 4A - Teacher's Lounge Advisory - 12th grade, Room 307


    B Day Schedule

    1B - Room 307 2B - Room 307 3B - Room 307 4B - Teacher's Lounge Advisory - 12th grade, Room 307

    Teacher Duty – Thursdays After school (4 – 4:30pm)

    ·       SAC crosswalk


    Other Responsibilities:

    ·       Dance Team – TBD in Art room

    ·       Class of 2020 Co-Sponsor

    ·       ELA Department Chair 6th – 12th