Charles Rash
    Charles Rash
    Grades: 10th AP World History
    Office Hours: 8:00am-9:30am B days
    Tutoring Hours:7:30-8:05 Mon., Tue., Thur., and Fri. 4:00-4:45 Tues. and Thur. 
    Primary Room Number:305
    Undergraduate Degree:
    Williamson College
    This is my third year teaching at North Hills. I earned my degree at Williamson College with a focus on humanities. I have lived in five states, but I am glad to be settled back in Texas. I have two children and another that is on the way. While the AP World History class presents a serious challenge for the work load (this is a college-level course!) it is incredibly rewarding in the breadth and depth of knowledge it unveils to the student. I love the course material and look forward to teaching this subject and learning more about it each year. 
    1st 9-Week Syllabus (Subject to Change)
    8/7 & 8/8: Syllabus, Classroom Procedures, Big Geography PPT
    Homework: Signed syllabus, print Human Migration and Neolithic Revolution PPT
    8/9 & 8/10: Human Migration and Neolithic Revolution PPT: Paleolithic Society
    Homework: Study for World Regions Quiz, read and annotate Howells v. Diamond
    8/13 & 8/14: Human Migration and Neolithic Revolution PPT: Neolithic Revolution
    Homework: Print First Civs PPT, argumentation for Howells v. Diamond
    8/15 & 8/16: First Civilizations PPT: Mesopotamia and Egypt
    Homework: Begin work on Neolithic Revolution Project; read and annotate Uruk; read and annotate Life and Beliefs in Mesopotamia and Egypt
    8/17 & 8/20: First Civilizations PPT: China, India, and other civilizations
    Homework: Read and annotate Hammurabi v. Moses, River Valley Civs map
    8/21 & 8/22: First Civilizations PPT: early civilization characteristics, review
    Neolithic Revolution Cause and Effect Project due
    Homework: study for Unit 1 Exam
    8/23 & 8/24: Unit 1 Exam
    Homework: Print Classical Persian PPT, Complete Chapter 3 Outlline
    8/27 & 8/28: Achaemenid Persian Empire PPT
    Homework: Copy/print Classical Greece PPT
    8/29 & 8/30: Classical Greece PPT: Athen 
    8/31 & 9/4: Classical Greece PPT: Alexander the Great
    Homework: Copy/print Classical India PPT
    9/5 & 9/6: Classical India PPT: Maurya and Gupta Empires
    Homework: Copy/print Classical China PPT. Complete Chapter 4 Outline Contextualization chart - B day
    9/7 & 9/10: Classical China PPT: Qin and Han Dynasties PPT
    Homework: Copy/print Classical Roman PPT A - Day Contextualization
    9/11 & 9/12:  Classical Rome PPT: Roman Republic & Empire
    9/13 & 9/14: Classical India PPT: Hinduism and Buddhism
    Homework: Copy/print Classical China PPT
    9/17 & 9/18:Classical China PPT: Confucianism and Daoism
    Complete Chapter 5&6 outline
    9/19 & 9/20: Classical Rome PPT: Roman Empire 
    9/21 & 9/26: Classical Rome PPT: Roman Empire & Christianity
    Homework: Copy/print Classical Americas PPT
     Homework: Complete Chapter 9 Outline
    9/27 & 9/28: Classical American Civs PPT: Maya and other American civs
    10/3 & 10/4: Unit 2 Exam
    Homework: Copy/print Islam PPT
    10/8 & 10/9: Islam and Islamic Expansion PPT
    Units 1 & 2 Journals due
    Homework: Comparing Religious Founders
    10/10 & 10/11: Islam and Islamic Expansion PPT
    Homework: Islamic Vocabulary; read and annotate Baghdad article 
    Complete Chapter 7 Outline
    10/12 & 10/15: Islam and Islamic Expansion PPT
    Homework: Islamic World 
    10/16 & 10/17: Islam and Islamic Expansion PPT
    Homework: complete Dar al-Islam Chart, study for Islam quiz, copy/print Global Trade Networks PPT, 
    10/18 & 10/19: Global Trade Networks PPT
    Islam quiz
    Introduce Global Trade Networks Project
    Homework: complete Global Trade Networks Map, copy/print Byzantine and Kievan Rus PPT
    10/22 & 10/23: Byzantine Empire and the Eastern Orthodox Church PPT
    Homework: Complete Chapter 10 Outline
    10/24 & 10/25: Kievan Rus PPT and Short Answer Practice
    10/26 & 10/29: Medieval Western Europe and the Roman Catholic Church PPT
    Byzantine and Kievan Rus quiz
    10/30 & 10/31: Medieval Western Europe and the Roman Catholic Church PPT
    11/1 & 11/2: Medieval Western Europe and the Roman Catholic Church PPT
    Homework: study for exam
    11/5 & 11/6: Unit 3 Part I Exam
    Homework: Copy/print Tang and Song China PPT
    Complete Chapter 8 Outline
    11/7 & 11/8: Tang and Song China PPT
    11/9 & 11/12: Tang and Song China PPT
    11/13 & 11/14: Medieval Japan PPT
    Homework: Copy/print Mongols PPT 
    11/15 & 11/16: Mongols PPT
    Homework: Complete Chapter 11 outlline
    11/26 & 11/27: Mongols PPT
    11/28 & 11/29: Americas PPT: Aztecs
    11/30 & 12/1: Americas PPT: Inca
    Homework: Aztec & Inca Comparison 
    Complete Chapter 12 Outline
    12/3 & 12/4: Americas Quiz, Euro Exploration PPT
    Homework: European Colonization Map, Conquest of Latin America docs and questions
    12/5 & 12/6: Euro Exploration PPT
    Homework: European Colonial Interactions
    12/7 & 12/10: Euro Exploration PPT
    Homework: European Colonization Vocab