International Baccalaureate

  • IB logo If you’ve been connected with Uplift Education for any length of time, you are probably familiar with our push to become one of the largest International Baccalaureate® districts in the nation.  Why IB®?  An International Baccalaureate® education combines academic rigor with social and emotional growth, creativity, and global thinking. IB® helps scholars become not only problem-solvers, but also people who understand community, connection, and how they are a part of it all.
    This past year we added nine more schools to our list of authorized schools, and ALL of our non-Diploma Programme high schools began their path toward DP authorization. International Baccalaureate® is a proven factor in our formula for success.

    Scholars Earning an IB Diploma:

    • have the potential to earn up to 24 college credit hours.
    • are able to pass IB® exams and earn college credit 86% of the time vs. 49% passing rate on AP exams in Texas (Texas Education Agency, 2011).
    • have higher college acceptance rates, especially to top colleges and universities.
    • are more academically prepared for the rigors of a college course load, have the ability to manage their time better, and are prepared for exam-based grading systems.
    • have a better grasp on career options and interests due to research and practical participation during high school.
    • are excellent communicators, critical thinkers, and self-starters.
    • graduate from 4-year institutions at a rate of 79% vs. 39% for those without an IB® diploma. (Bergon, 2015).
Current Status of Uplift Schools for International Baccalaureate Authorization, 2017-18