• MYP U.S. History Syllabus 2019-2020

    Uplift North Hills Preparatory

    Mr. Quadres



    Supplies Needed

    1 Binder w/ 8 Dividers (see letter)

    College Ruled Notebook paper

    Pens (black/blue ink only)

    3 x 5 Index Cards



    Course Objective

    The course covers the history of the United States of America from pre-colonization until 1877. The primary goals for scholars are the mastery of both the content and process of historical analysis and research, as well as synthesis of how our early history informs both our understanding of the present and our ability to predict the future.  Major grades will be unit tests, binder checks, and essays.  Other noteworthy assessments will be the Recurring Performance Assessment or RPA (which will be a research paper) and the 8th grade STAAR Social Studies exam.


    Besides class content, this class is also geared to prepare scholars for upcoming Humanities courses, including AP History classes and DP/IB Humanities programs.  As such, this course will be extremely writing intensive, with daily opportunities for scholars to improve writing skills, regardless of their current level.




    1. Exploration & Colonization

    2. Road to Revolution

    3. Founding a New Nation

    4.  The Early Republic

    5. Era of Growth & Expansion

    6. Sectionalism, the Civil War, & Reconstruction



    The grading policy will follow UNHP MS guidelines.



     Tutoring Opportunities

    Tuesday Afternoon (4:05 – 4:45pm) & mornings by appointment.

    Behavior Expectations


    • Follow Instructions.
    • Complete all assignments
    • Be kind & honest.
    • Comply with all aspects of the Student Code of Conduct, as outlined in the Student Handbook.
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