• Mrs. Laura Makuya (formerly McKinstry)

    lmckinstry@uplifteducation.org l  (972) 501-0645 ext. 224202

    8th Grade Science Teacher

    Uplift North Hills Middle Preparatory


    8th Grade Science Google Classroom 2019-2020


    www.classroom.google.com  Classcode: ykkfwcv


    About Me

    I love the complexity of the world around us and the tools that studying science gives us in our daily lives.  We can figure out the world by methodically observing, testing, and analyzing what is around us.  That is why I graduated in 2014 with a Biology B.S. from LeTourneau University in East Texas.

    Within the realm of biology, I have a passion for agricultural studies, which led me to become a Peace Corps volunteer in the program 'Linking Income, Food, and the Environment' from 2015 - 2017 in the African country called Zambia.  There I learned the local language of iciBemba and worked with subsistence farmers developing efficient and conservative organic farming practices.  

    I returned to the United States with a passion for educating middle school scholars about the opportunities in science that lay ahead of them career and lifestyle-wise.  I am currently in the second years of a Masters of Arts in Education at Relay Graduate School of Education and will graduate in 2020.

    I am excited for the year with your scholars!  We will be going on a 'tour of science' from Chemistry to Space Science, and your scholars will become the very scientists exploring these issues in a real-world, academic-driven context.


    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns/etc.

    Thank you,

    Laura Makuya