• Dear Williams Middle School Scholars and Families,


    You have all been extremely present in our thoughts and hearts over the past week as we have learned more about the COVID-19 pandemic that forced schools to close, including ours. As leaders and teachers, we miss you all so much and find ourselves constantly worrying about you and hoping you are all staying safe and healthy. We hope to hear from you virtually as soon as you are able to reach out or respond to messages from teachers to know that you are well. We have never seen a situation like this before, and feel stress, fear, and uncertainty as you do as a result of this crisis. But we also feel hopeful that we will rise above this and in the process, find new and creative ways to learn. We have an incredible opportunity for truly personalized learning at home, and as a school, we are all here to answer your questions, share resources, provide feedback, and cheer you on in your practice! The assignments that will be shared are not mandatory and will not count for grades as we know all family circumstances are different; however, they are being shared as a support to you and your families during this time should you be able to extend your learning and develop your skills in anticipation of our return back to Williams and the next chapter in your educational journey.

    Please also follow Uplift Education on Facebook because there has been a page set up for every single grade level where teachers will be doing live lessons every week for 6-8 Reading and Math and 8th grade Science and Humanities. You might even see some of your Williams teachers giving those lessons!


    We care for you! We miss you! We are here to support your needs!


    Mrs. Bracher, Mr. Hamlin, and Mr. Sapp



    Academic Enrichment Updates!

    • All Williams Middle School teachers will be using Google Classrooms from this point on to share assignments and websites for practice with scholars. Instructions and a list of all teacher codes are listed on the next page for your convenience.
    • Uplift Education will still be posting daily You Tube videos for 6-8 Reading and Math and for 8th Grade Science and Social Studies. Watching those lessons will also be helpful to your scholar!


    Actualizaciones de enriquecimiento

    • Todos los maestros de Williams escuela intermedia utilizarán “Google Classrooms” a partir de este momento para compartir tareas y sitios web para practicar con los académicos. Las instrucciones y una lista de todos los códigos de maestros se enumeran en la página siguiente para su conveniencia.
    • Uplift Education seguirá publicando diariamente videos de YouTube para 6-8 Lectura y Matemáticas y para Ciencias y Estudios Sociales de 8º Grado. ¡Mirar esas lecciones también será útil para tu estudiante!




    Updates In Special Education  SB 139 E WM

    Actualizaciones en Edcuacion Especial SB 139 S WM