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    Ms. Autumn Lamphier
    English I and English II Teacher
    Literacy Content Facilitator
    UIL Academics Coordinator

    Contact Information
    room 123
    Tutorials: Mondays and Tuesdays 4:30 to 5:30 
    Masters Degree In Progress:
    Columbia University Teachers College
    M.A. English Education
    Undergraduate Degree:
    Texas Tech University
    BA in English
    Minor in Secondary Education
    Minor in Theater Arts
    Teach for America Alumna
    Dallas-Ft. Worth 2010

    In 1994, the principal of my elementary school in San Antonio told my parents he didn't expect any of his students to be anything more than McDonald's workers. My junior year in college at Texas Tech University, I told a high school student I was tutoring he was very smart. He looked at me like he'd never heard anyone tell him that before. 
    It is my core belief that every student should be given the tools and opportunities needed to gain an excellent education. My job as a teacher is to be a strong leader in my classroom who offers my students what they need to succeed through strong instruction, guidance, investment, and relentless pursuit of results. Every student can and will learn. Every student can go to college.
    During my fifth year at Summit, my goal is to help all students reach their personal goals in writing, in attaining college ready skills, and becoming self-reflective and internationally minded students through a variety activities, discussions and community service projects.   Please see my class pages for more information on the classes I'm teaching.