A key component to the success of Uplift Luna Prep is the involvement of parents and other family members, working through the Volunteers-in-Partnership (ViP) organization.The ViP organization is led by two parent Volunteer Co-Leaders, with multiple team leaders assigned to specific volunteer areas. Working in conjunction with the school administration, the Luna ViP leads and supports school-wide events throughout the year, such as International Days, Field Day, Fine Arts Festival, as well as classroom and grade events, such as socials and parties. All parents are considered members of the ViP!How to Volunteer:
    • Look at the "Volunteer Contacts" list and "ViP Handbook/Volunteer Descriptions" documents in the resources section. Determine your areas of interest and contact the Team Leader for those areas. If you are not sure what a particular area does, view the "ViP Handbook" and find the section for "Volunteer Descriptions." 
    • Review the "Volunteer Events Throughout the Year" document in the links below. Select events you would like to work on and contact the volunteer leaders to let them know you are interested.
    • Watch for information regarding the new volunteer registration process.
    • Check the website and newsletter for Volunteer Help Wanted needs that are posted throughout the year. 
    • Contact your children's teachers and school staff asking if they need your help (but please don't just show up asking if you can help out that day, contact them in advance to see if they need your help.) 
    Any questions about volunteering? Please contact the primary or secondary offices for more information.  

    Please note that it is against our policy and procedures to allow someone who is not related to a student in the school to volunteer.