• An important component to the success of Pinnacle Prep is the involvement of parents and other family members, working through the Volunteers-in-Partnership (ViP) organization.

    The ViP organization is led by a committee of leaders, with multiple team leaders assigned to specific volunteer areas. Working in conjunction with the school administration, the Pinnacle Prep ViP leads and supports school-wide events throughout the year. All parents are considered members of the ViP!

    How to Volunteer:
    • Get information on volunteer opportunities at the next VIP meeting.
    • Watch for information regarding the new volunteer registration process.
    • Check the website and newsletter for Volunteer Help Wanted needs that are posted throughout the year.
    • Contact your children's teachers and school staff in advance asking if they need your help

    Any questions about volunteering? Please contact our Parent Liaison, Mr. John Gonzalez, at jgonzalez@uplifteducation.org.

    Are you interested in being on a committee? Contact the committee leaders:
    Extracurricular - Tedrah Standifer (tedrah.williams2@wellsfargo.com)
    Fundraising - Tomeka Lark (tomekahayes@gmail.com)
    Events - Stephen Parmer (jgonzalez@uplifteducation.org)
    Teacher Appreciation/Room Parent - 

    Please note that our policy for school volunteers requires a potential volunteer to undergo a background check before they are allowed to participate.  A signed background check permission form will need to be submitted to Pinnacle's front office.