• Justin Houston
    Mr. Houston
    Spanish Teacher
    Email: jhouston@uplifteducation.org
    Tutoring Hours: Monday 4:15pm-5:15pm

    Room Number: 258
    Grades: 6-7

    B.A. International Studies
    Pro Tools Certified Engineer
    Japan Adventure Graduate

    I believe that what I know today has nothing to do with what I can know and do by tomorrow.  I live by this and encourage my students to take ownership of their learning, becoming inquirers with self-created goals.


    While living in Japan as a student, I learned that I can choose parts of other cultures in order to assemble my own.  International living changed my perspectives on life and gave me new opportunities.  I want my scholars to have international opportunities, so equipping them with the ability to communicate in the Spanish language is very important.


    While a teenager, before any formal study, I taught myself to play the piano and began exploring the world of music, audio production and recording.  I've performed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, been a top audio engineer at Funimation (#1 Animation Company) and have traveled the nation singing gospel acappella music.  I decided to believe those who say "anything is possible" and have had priceless adventures and wonderful career and personal experiences.  My goal is to inspire and equip our scholars with tools to achieve greatness and convert dreams into real life.