Uplift Williams Faculty Listing

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    Last Name First Name Location Job Title E-Mail Department
    Aguilar Ulises Uplift Williams Tutor (Title I) UAguilar@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Ake Ashley Uplift Williams HS Science Teacher AAke@uplifteducation.org High School
    Alcala Dolores Uplift Williams RTC Counselor DAlcala@uplifteducation.org High School
    Alfaro Aron Uplift Williams HS PE Teacher ArAlfaro@uplifteducation.org High School
    Anderson Fran Uplift Williams HS Theatre Arts Teacher fanderson@uplifteducation.org High School
    Arab Zahra Uplift Williams Special Education Teacher ZArab@uplifteducation.org High School
    Arnold Laddie Uplift Williams Urban Teacher Resident (Year 1) LArnold@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Ash Kayla Uplift Williams Behavioral/Social Counselor KAsh@uplifteducation.org High School
    Austria Marrero Katrina Uplift Williams Dean of College Prep kaustria@uplifteducation.org High School
    Baggett Catherine Uplift Williams Behavioral/Social Counselor CBaggett@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Balina Lavenia Uplift Williams Librarian LBalina@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Barraza Yamid Uplift Williams 2nd Grade Teacher ybarraza@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Bhatia Anju Uplift Williams HS Biology Teacher ABhatia@uplifteducation.org High School
    Blackman Rachel Uplift Williams Urban Teacher Resident (SCE) RBlackman@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Blackwood Michael Uplift Williams Primary PE Teacher mblackwood@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Blaylock Logan Uplift Williams 7th Grade Texas History Teacher LOBlaylock@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Booth Heather Uplift Williams 2nd Grade Teacher HBooth@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Bracher Katherine Uplift Williams Academic Director kbracher@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Brandenburg Sara Uplift Williams Second Grade Teacher sbrandenburg@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Cabrera-martin Maria Uplift Williams Cafeteria Worker I MCabreraMartin@uplifteducation.org Operations
    Carbajal Erika Uplift Williams Kindergarten Teacher ECarbajal@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Cardoso Yolanda Uplift Williams Cafeteria Worker II ycardoso@uplifteducation.org Operations
    Castillo Brenda Uplift Williams Kindergarten Teacher bcastillo@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Castillo Carolina Uplift Williams Teacher Aide - Special Education (IDEA B) CaCastillo@uplifteducation.org Middle SchoolMiddle School
    Castillo Estela Uplift Williams Cafeteria Worker I ECastillo@uplifteducation.org Operations