Uplift Peak Faculty Listing

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    Last Name First Name Location Job Title E-Mail Department
    Ackley Amber Uplift Peak Primary PE Teacher aAckley@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Allen Andi Uplift Peak HS Theatre Arts Teacher aallen@uplifteducation.org High School
    Allen-Rasheed Jabari Uplift Peak Teacher Aide - General Ed (Title I) JaRasheed@uplifteducation.org Middle School
    Amie Diamond Uplift Peak Special Education Teacher DAmie@uplifteducation.org Middle School
    Andrews Roshelle Uplift Peak Dean of Scholars randrews@uplifteducation.org Middle School
    Anzaldua Rodrigo Uplift Peak Facilities Manager RAnzaldua@uplifteducation.org Operations
    Apolinar Nora Uplift Peak Office Manager NApolinar@uplifteducation.org Operations
    Apolinar-Perez Lilia Uplift Peak HS Spanish Teacher LApolinarPerez@uplifteducation.org High School
    Awe Emily Uplift Peak Long Term Sub eawe@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Barkley Emma Uplift Peak 4th Grade Teacher EBarkley@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Battee Angela Uplift Peak Cafeteria Worker I ABattee@uplifteducation.org Operations
    Bearfield Grant Uplift Peak 4th Grade Teacher GBearfield@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Bearfield Kelly Uplift Peak Kindergarten Teacher KBearfield@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Bellary Meghana Uplift Peak 5th Grade Teacher MBellary@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Benedetto Kristine Uplift Peak Special Education Teacher KBenedetto@uplifteducation.org Middle School
    Boff Brittney Uplift Peak Intervention Specialist (Title I) - PS ELA/Reading bboff@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Bourn Caroline Uplift Peak Primary Theatre Arts Teacher cbourn@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Bradley James Uplift Peak AP US History Teacher JBradley@uplifteducation.org High School
    Bruce Roger Uplift Peak HS Theory of Knowledge Teacher RBruce@uplifteducation.org High School
    Buck Kacie Uplift Peak 4th Grade Teacher kbuck@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Burrow Victoria Uplift Peak SPED Teacher Aide VBurrow@uplifteducation.org High School
    Burrus Elizabeth Uplift Peak 1st Grade Teacher eburrus@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Candioto Daniel Uplift Peak HS Spanish Teacher dcandioto@uplifteducation.org High School
    Canty Ashley Uplift Peak Kindergarten Teacher ACanty@uplifteducation.org Primary School
    Carney Kathlyn Uplift Peak 7th Grade Writing Teacher KCarney@uplifteducation.org Middle School