MS Winter MAP window/Periodo de examenes MAP


The Winter MAP window is from January 12, 2017 until February 7, 2017. 6th and 7th grade scholars will test Reading, Science, and Math during their class periods for a two class period block. 8th graders will only Math and Reading during the Winter session. Scholars will test on various days during the MAP window. However, they will not test more than once a day. Their tested subject teachers have the specific dates, you can also e-mail Mrs. Curry if you would like to know the exact dates your scholar will test. Thank you!

El examen MAP seria durante los días del 12 de enero al 7 de febrero. Alumnos del sexto y séptimo tomaran exámenes de lectura, ciencias, y matemáticas durante las clases por 2 días. Alumnos de octavo solo tomaran lectura y matemáticas. Los días del examen dependen durante este periodo. Alumnos solo tomaran un examen al día y no más de un examen durante el día. Las maestras del tema tendrán las fechas exactas y también puede mandar un correo electrónico a Mrs. Curry.