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Middle School Annoucements/ Anuncios de Middle School

 Last Updated 3.18.2020 @ 11am



** Uplift Education will host a virtual phone Question and Answer session for families daily from 10:00 – 10:30 am (Monday – Friday). Uplift Health Professionals, including licensed nurses and licensed counselors will be on the calls to help address questions related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and for help with other needs and resources. You may also request individual consultation during this time and a staff member will follow up with you on a private call. To access the daily session, please call (712) 775-7031 and enter Access Code: 218-337. 

Uplift Education organizará diariamente una sesión virtual de preguntas y respuestas para familias de 10-10:30 Lunes a Viernes.
Habra profesionales de la salud: enfermeras con licencia y los consejeros con licencia, estarán atentos para atender preguntas relacionadas 
al corona virus y para ayuda con otras necesidades y recursos. También puede solicitar una consulta individual durante este tiempo y un miembro del personal hará 
un seguimiento con usted en una llamada privada. Para acceder a la sesión diaria, llame al (712) 775-7031  e ingrese el código de acceso: 218-337


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MS Letter to Families from Leaders

Williams Middle School Academic Enrichment Overview  /  Descripción de enriquecimiento académico de la escuela secundaria Williams

How to Access Scholar E-Mail /  Cómo acceder al correo electronico de estudiantes

Access scholar email Here / Acceda al correo electrónico del estudiante aquí





Online Enrichment Sessions for Middle School/ Sesiones en linea para los estudiantes de Middle School

Williams MS Updated Online Learning for Parents

Spanish Williams MS Updated Online Learning for Parents

Williams Middle School Staff E-Mails




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6th Grade The Golden Touch pdf / This Tiny Animal pdf / Going Up pdf / Shrinking Pyramid pdf

Ms. Molina’s Video Series for 8th Graders


PE Resource and Note

Physical Activity Log Sample

I hope all of you are doing well. Coach Shepherd and Coach Mitchell want to make sure that you are staying active during this time at home. Here is a Physical Activity log sheet that we want you to put to use. All we ask is that you perform exercises daily and record them on the sheet. Then in a few days we ask you to send us an email of your progress. PE scholars can send their progress to their PE teacher. ie Mitchells classes to Mitchell email  Shepherds classes to Shepherd  If you are not in a PE class then you can choose Mitchell or Shepherd to send your feedback. Remember stay healthy and active. If you need help to understand techniques to perform these exercises please e mail one of us.

Here are a list of exercises: Stretches, jumping jacks, burpees, squats, jogging in place, sit ups ,lunges, push ups, mountain climbers, skipping, jumping, knee highs, etc.


Coach Mitchell and coach Shepherd


Study Island Information

Many middle school teachers are using Study Island for extra practice. If your teacher has asked you to do this, see information below:


Scholars: your login is your normal login user name (first part of your e-mail before the @ sign) and your normal password. If you need a copy of this login information, all teachers have master lists of logins as well as leaders-don’t hesitate to reach out! If your login does not work, please let Ms. Bracher know at and she will have the right department at Uplift fix your account for you!