Uplift Families,

I’m sure you are aware of the county orders that do not allow schools to have “in person” instruction until September 8th at the earliest. As a result, all Uplift Education schools will shift to an “all virtual” online learning plan for the first few weeks of school until the county allows schools to reopen for inperson instruction. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and your child, particularly the 32% of our parents who selected an “in-person” learning option for the first academic quarter. We are finalizing our implementation plans with this new shift of direction from our local officials. We will communicate out additional details to you in the coming week. Please know how disappointed we are to not be able to provide an “in-person” learning option for those of you who wanted that for your scholars. We have worked hard this summer to prepare our buildings and develop new processes to create safe, in-person learning environments. We hope to be able to resume offering an “in person” school option after the order is lifted. Families will have a chance to confirm or change their desired “learning option” (all in-person, all virtual, and hybrid) later this summer as we know more when and if the order will be lifted. Again, thank you for your patience with these changes. We are excited to engage your scholar and deliver an excellent academic experience for them in any learning setting. We wish you good health and continued safety during this unprecedented time.